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Marry fall candy of bridal happy event is purchased necessary stick person

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The marriage month of October should begin immediately, in be prepared bridally, be fond of candy is to be met least of all by one of article of new personality oversight. Although its thing is little, and value is not high, but its importance in whole wedding however never the person can be underestimated. If have with new personality,select associated person only, it is present close friends or the friend colleague that did not show up no matter, new personality can serve candy of a packet of happy event show regard, let everybody share their sweetness.

The reporter visited Wuhan terminal market of candy of each big supermarket, Han Zhengjie, discover common bulk candy is in 10 yuan of —16 yuan differ every jins; And write down like Xu Fu, Martha elder sister 16 yuan of —31 yuan differ every jins; Chocolate 48 yuan of —68 yuan differ every jins.

Wait for commercial website to go up to also have like the net that clean out treasure and easy interesting net additionally many special manufacturer are sold continuously or do marriage those who celebrate things sell the home, new people also can consult from happy sugar is bought over there them. Buy bulk to be fond of candy from the net, it is good to should seek credit commonly, and had better sell the home with respect to what choose Wuhan this locality, can contact sell the home, look to whether can see money in order to come in the past, such you can be checked and accept directly, to be fond of the quality of candy to also have one assures. General proposal people of a new type buys happy candy to buy a brand from the net, because buy an amount bigger, proposal people of a new type has sampled from other way ahead of schedule, had decided the is fond of candy sort that you buy and taste, order from the net again.

There is bagging selling a package over there the bar that sugar sells inside average supermarket, the plastic like gules printing bag that pack probably 1 yuan 1; More popular gules gauze pledges Yin Jinxi word takes the sort of packing bag of the belt, small (can hold half jins of candy) 1 yuan 1, big (can hold a jin of candy) 1.5 yuan 1.

If new personality thinks a bit more managing expense can consider to go to terminal market of Han Zhengjie candy the bag of choose and buy that pack, the packing bag of general and transparent cellophane wants 0.4 yuan only probably 1, the packing bag with gules qualitative gauze is little probably 0.5 yuan 1, 0.7 big yuan 1.

Of course if you have energy, be willing oneself start work the design is packed, also can buy common box happy candy from the net, next oneself above add chiffon, gold-rimmed belt or bowknot. And the small ornament that these packing also can be bought on the net get, the price differs to a few money from a few minutes of money.

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