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Marry busy season is bridal how be economical

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2008 is to marry flourishing year. Person marriage is exquisite now carry a wedding day, resemble 8, 18, 28 can demand a good mouth variety. In within of these ” of “ wedding day, everybody goes add trouble to, the hotel is hit far from fold.

So, marry not likely must meet 8 meet of 9, be inferior to choosing the birthday of new personality, or other the time that has commemorative sense. Some people arrange marriage dinner to midday, guest need not “ drives ” of a place where people gather for various purposes, hotel chair is not nervous also, can 8 fold right-and-left discount, light is feast money can save 339.

Some youths marry graph save trouble, whats are wrapped marriage celebrate a company. Marriage the kinescope that celebrates a company to offer serves, calculate by 6 small chronometer commonly, passed the cost when time is about to add Fu Chao additionally. It is good that new personality wants reasonable arrangement only film program and course, can save below a lot of film time and overtime are expended needlessly.

Somebody him marriage includes happy in syrup, husband and wife two had eaten dinner face-to-face “ makes romantic ” , talk about conjugal thing at the same time, at the same time oneself include happy in syrup, candy of a happy event saves 5 wool money. Although the bag is procurable,ached, but extremely sweet still. Happy candy box still is being stayed to make commemoration day by everybody now.

Marriage car also is done not have necessary wrap all the day, if choose “ small chronometer to expend ” , want a bride only not dispute, can spend completely only receive a bride 3 two hours of this period of time, can save below 1000 again at least piece charge.

Marriage gauze of the bride, the price that hires is 500 to 800 yuan, be inferior to be bought to Suzhou, hold incidentally do other marriage things, not only clean sanitation, still have saved value. After marrying also not only it is to press one's store of valuables, until have honeymoon, still can wear take outer door scene. It is OK to pat marriage gauze to illuminate the choice is little department, also can save many money. Do not think in shadow building within pats marriage gauze to illuminate, the ceremonial robe or dress that rent is free, the world does not have free lunch, still not be ” of “ in the long run.

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