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Decorate individual character to love mew be economical piece

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Everything home of new personality new space, new residence, things also must be used with brand-new. New personality is first then we began to have doubt: Is baking pagoda tree of ㄒ of  of analyse of bail of the Qian that hang  bail of   consult rising to a height quite does kang reason kiss to drink  to be able to bear or endure about spend 隓 IY? The car has a way surely to hill money, very fast we from economy confused in held out. The furniture city that rambled a few days, gradually the experience that also had some of save money!

Have to the career actually, the middleaged person with can steady economy, we hold with him to spend brushstroke money, build resident ” of a “ , on certain point, go promoting oneself life administrative levels, with delicate savour. But different to still helping the new personality that the boss works have proposal, unless penates of your 10 thousand be linked together, the flower with much money is not over, otherwise if, listen to the following experience and proposal, the meeting is helpful.

Sitting room Living Room

Family friend is good get together place, mirth impulsion, cannot oversight it!

Be economical wants a place: Lamplight is all in decorating a project, the cheapest also be most effectual. As a result of advocate lamp illume does not have administrative levels relatively, use indirect lighting so, the ceiling is made among, tibetan belt lamp is reached inside embed the lamp, again tie-in establish the lamp and desk lamp, whole space becomes have atmosphere very much, also add the qualitative touch of an all. The ground uses bedding face carpet only, mural face uses picture adornment, can fill a portion to show the momentum that reveals a sitting room, what money spends is not much, the effect is pretty good.

Be economical index: ★ ★

Replace general sofa with love seat bed

Be economical wants a place: Applicable the new residence that does not have guest room, come for parents, friend seek by inquiry. Can do sofa at ordinary times, can alternate at any time when guest person for the bed. The thing with one amphibious content of course be economical. The province left the price of a piece of bed. If you do not like sofa bed, if Maiputongsha is sent, can 31 ” of “ , “ 21”Means is tie-in.

Be economical index: ★ ★ ★

Greenery and domestic all collocation are decorated

Be economical wants a place: Want save money already, give priority to in order to show into domestic all, include curtain and carpet, it is to buy off-the-peg, the floor also replaces real wood floor board with compound wood floor. Apply a few greenery to decorate again, whole sitting room becomes have life very much.

Be economical index: ★ ★ ★

Create impression of rich visual sense with bright-coloured colour

Be economical wants a place: The area of newly-married bedroom may relatively constraint, the visual perception that because this can use the bright-coloured color of the area such as wall, furniture,comes to augment room suffers.

Be economical index: ★ ★

Use a mirror to become mural face

Be economical wants a place: The effect that the mirror refracts, can let visual space greaten, the room with so little area, suit a mirror apply. Not be commonly install the looking glass in metope, be in namely cupboard door piece on.

Be economical index: ★ ★