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Simple easy wedding chooses formal attire format absolutely

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Enter September, store of photography of gauze of metropolis Urumqi marriage also rolled out festival marriage to celebrate dress to be tasted newly in succession. And differ with in former years, store of photography of each marriage gauze grows paragraph evening dress except white this year beyond, also rolled out with practical the brief paragraph formal attire that give priority to, cover skirt and Han of individual character bride to take wait for a variety of design, put marked in inn sales promotion position.

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Recently, the reporter visited metropolis store of photography of gauze of a few marriage interviewed partial citizen randomly. Wang Hui of 27 years old says, oneself prepare to married on November 8, went July when Suzhou travel, bought gauze of a marriage technically. “ prepares 11 have a holiday, go turning to shadow building, choose a more practical formal attire! ” Wang Hui says, besides make commemoration day, when going to work at ordinary times, still can wear. That day, come with the good friend the Yang Mei that boutique of photography of gauze of thick delicate marriage chooses formal attire says, oneself prepare 11 ” of “ to marry, smoke time technically to let a good friend come over to become so ” of “ give advice. Red bayberry says, oneself prepare to choose simple and individual character nods, etc when kin is being strung together after marrying, also can wear, if buy the word of the cheongsam to be able to marry was worn that day only, use falsely a bit.

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According to gauze of thick delicate marriage Chen Yawei of photography boutique manager introduces, at present marrier group in 80 hind more, formal attire of choose and buy still is paid attention to besides vogue individual character and practical. For this, the gauze of brief paragraph marriage that rolls out in inn and gauze of Han type marriage are more welcome.

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In gauze of marriage of bridal sedan chair photography formal attire sells a division, staff member Li Jun is sweet say, this year because of Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games, a period of ten days of 78 the middle of a month lifted the small climax of the sale. Besides formal attire of white gauze brief paragraph Han edition formal attire sells well. Wu Yue of this inn controller says, this year besides design, with in former years photograph comparing is on color, evening dress of peachblossom, pink gets new personality reception quite, since September, had sold in inn go out 9 formal attire. “ key is formal attire format experts simply, divide finish marriage that day, attend late banquet or wedding to be able to be worn later! The analysis says ” Wu Yue, the female outfit brand with fashionable now individual character combines formal attire and life look, let bridal formal attire be provided more practical, choose leeway big also.

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