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Tower of marriage banquet champagne is dropped 3 days mid-autumn 27 thousand

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Tower of marriage banquet champagne is dropped 3 days mid-autumn 27 thousand

New personality is pouring champagne

Yesterday midday, into capital Dong Mou hotel greeted a romantic wedding. In the family member's blessing, one collective to new personality handholding bottle, slowly champagne of the infuse on the tower that folds to goblet. After the ceremony is finished, hotel clerk pours champagne into liquid waste bucket.

Marriage of the Chengdu City celebrates association statistic, at present Chengdu has 80% to install “ to pour champagne ” link when marry to the new personality of 90% , has used champagne is rare however the person is drinkable. The small mid-autumn Chengdu length a holiday of firm past has about 1000 pairs of new personality marriage, crude guess dropped the nearly 2.4 champagne to 27 thousand yuan.

Nobody takes the wine of champagne tower to drink

“ asks new personality to hold champagne bottle in all, tower of champagne infuse champagne. Wish mellow sweet ……” is in their love Yue Jiuyue yesterday hotel of city Dong Mou, when new personality when collective infuse champagne, the hubble-bubble that gets ready ahead of schedule flutters beside new person, gules champagne often slop hops, whole scene is unusually sweet and good-looking. Passed 5 minutes about, 5 champagne tower just slowly flood. When be about to end, fireworks is put together, full hall applause, ms. Zhu shed the bride excitedly tear.

Ms. Zhu says, when colleague marriage, she feels program of ” of tower of this “ champagne is very romantic, the wedding that decides oneself at once also wants to use. Ms. Zhu expresses, she had not wanted to want a bubbly deal out everybody is drinkable, “ places a modelling to pursue namely originally an atmosphere, besides professional has put these goblet, if be taken at will,move touch carelessly broke ominous also. ” attends guest Miss Cheng of marriage banquet to say, she attended wedding a lot of times, had never drunk the champagne inside champagne tower, “ feeling is rinse passes of the cup, not be very wholesome ” .

Marriage of the Chengdu City celebrates Wang Qingyu of association office vice director to introduce, with a bottle of common champagne 30 yuan of prices are calculated, assume every used a bottle of champagne only to new personality, so 3 days dropped value mid-autumn nearly 2.4 to the champagne of 27 thousand. And Chengdu had about 100 thousand pairs of new personality marriage 2008, such calculating come, meet about 2.4 million yuan one year. Actually, the dosage of very much bridal bubbly often wants two bottles at least, such word drops nearly 6 million yuan possibly one year.

Replace liquid price costly have not gain ground

Reporter subsequently from marriage celebrate a company to understand, there has been the liquid of substitute —— fluorescent champagne of champagne on the market at present. Fluorescent champagne fluid is the chemical article with a kind of very tall glossiness, dream looks when powwow only beautiful. And, fluid of this kind of champagne can reclaim to be used repeatedly.

But just give by the hotel commonly as a result of champagne tower, new personality need not bury sheet alone, even if is new personality buries sheet, a bottle of champagne is controlled 30 yuan if bridal standards is quite high,also can accept —— , a cup of champagne also is worth 779 yuan at most. And fluorescent champagne fluid should collect fees alone, the price should compare common champagne expensive much, and marriage the rate that celebrates a company is not quite unified also, accordingly, at present champagne fluid is confined to minority high-grade wedding, theme wedding and candle power wedding are being used.

The personage inside course of study: The spot is shared not wasteful

Ceremony of “ champagne tower comes from the west, to champagne tower put, a number of champagne cup also have exquisite. ” Wang Qingyu says, “ but after flowing into home, be the graph builds atmosphere merely, exquisite a lot of less, want escape ‘4’ only, 3, 5, 6 OK. ” number of plies is more, use champagne is more, the price is more expensive also. A 5 champagne tower should use two bottles of bubbly at least.

Be in abroad, new personality can be in the guest of the nearby of champagne deal out of tower of spot general champagne, let them share joyance. And in Chengdu, when pouring champagne, often can deserve to wait with fireworks and hubble-bubble, although these detail look very beautiful can pollute the champagne inside champagne tower however. Wang Qingyu suggests, new personality can reduce the segment such as fireworks, and ask formal young lady to send guest champagne cent drinkable, avoided waste already so, guest also shared happy air.

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