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Abdominous bride picks the standard of marriage gauze

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Live together to marry again first to city men and women what be new issue, however, the circumstance upgrades somewhat recently. A boss of marriage gauze inn says to the reporter, current, the circumstance that is pregnant to marry again first seems to compare “ popular ” . This paragraph of him time bride of abdominous ” of a batch of “ had been recieved in marriage gauze inn, girth of some new a form of address for one's wife are too big, do counterjumper and tailor are very impracticably.

The phenomenon is pregnant 6 months also should wear marriage gauze

Common saying says “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” , northward autumn is the fastigium that holds wedding. Do marriage gauze business the Tang Dynasty the boss tells a reporter, ten pregnant new a form of address for one's wife were recieved in inn August, just arrived in September do not have a few days, came to 3 again. Among ” of “ accurate mom, be pregnant two weeks with least month, most already 6 months. Have a plenty of bridegroom for company to come, have a plenty of family member for company to come, returning some is two good friends unexpectedly first pregnant remarries, accompany will carry marriage gauze. Face counterjumper, these new a form of address for one's wife do not abstain from the pregnancy problem that talks about oneself, still meet a lot of problem during be pregnant actively to inquiry of mom class counterjumper.

Demand   loose style is Greek marriage gauze is popular

  To give the new a form of address for one's wife of “ abdominous ” to carry marriage gauze is mixed change marriage gauze, but difficult bad counterjumper. Meeting specially highlights design of gauze of a lot of marriage the gentle and graceful figure of new a form of address for one's wife, compare popular piscine end form and palace style for instance, although a few common design also can receive a small of the back, brides of these design “ abdominous ” do not suit, because become popular commodities without the waist,be gauze of Greek type marriage. Choose to make bride of “ abdominous ” can some more, the Tang Dynasty the boss is the closest specially choose and buy a few waistline are comfortable or the waist has illuminative marriage gauze.   

According to the Tang Dynasty boss introduction, business of management marriage gauze these year, have pregnant new a polite form of address for a young woman all the time, but before far without so much, normally busy season can touch 3 on two. The pregnancy that recieves two this years in inn bridal proportion is higher and higher, a lot of person of the same trades have this appearance feeling.

Argumentative   is maiden first pregnant is sensible

Be aimed at abdominous bride phenomenon, somebody thinks this is the blame intellect manner that serves marriage and family. Maiden first pregnant is very big to dangerous sex of the woman, and the ” of “ Feng Zicheng marriage that causes not carefully is likely pull both sides of male and female into a paragraph among improper marriage. Additional, this kind of pregnancy that does not have careful arrangement is adverse also to prepotent actor Yo.   

Nevertheless, also very much person does not object marriage ” of “ Feng Zicheng. The individual view that a young sociological doctor offers is halfback very: Very old now light men and women would rather emotional long-distance running also is disinclined to marry, always feel to do not have interest, as it happens of Feng Zicheng marriage can cure ” of this “ defect, because the child's occurrence gave marriage a the directest and strong reason. Those are the child and the youth at least of compositive family is actual with responsible feeling, such family is stabler also.

Sound: Get on a car first, hind buy ticket after normal time. Maiden first pregnant marries next parturient, a farce with comedic ending, also do not break satisfactory. As to how to maintain a marriage and cradle the child, of this need it is luck not just, more, it is to bear the responsibility that has oneself.

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