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Hire the comprehension of room marriage

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Snail of “ other people still has a little room at least, and you, still staying in dormitory now. ”

Bee and snail go after butterfly at the same time, final snail won a victory, the bee refuses to obey, go challenging then butterfly, the answer of butterfly is: Snail of “ other people still has a little room at least, and you, still staying in dormitory now. ”

Ah, pitiful bee, it is the pain that took to do not have a room indeed. I and bee are same, misfortune also stays in dormitory, I am fortunately much luckier than it, have foolish “ butterfly ” does not cold-shoulder me to do not have money to do not have a room, resolutely chose me, and, we were about to marry November this year.

Want to marry to cannot stay in dormitory naturally again, and I shy, do not be willing occupy father-in-law, be in then this paragraph of time before marrying, I and wife begin to rush about everywhere to lease an appropriate building. I two edges ask with the friend beside, search on the net at the same time, still had tried to stick small advertisement in a few villages, exert all over skill, when walking repeatedly, the eye is look at in disorder everywhere, at any time announcement of shop sign of station of pole of advertent electrical wiring, station, village, leakage of for fear that dropped the information that rent a house.

This paragraph of time saw many rooms, it is happy ground calls normally, make an appointment with time to see a room, arriving to just discover is intermediary or sublessor, or is a house improper. In this kind glad with disappointment alternant in, wasted time, physical strength, money not only, on spirit also times suffer torment, do I two see again later let news is big glare is small the ground is looked at each other, analyse half talent to dare make a decision first. Fortunately kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, eventually one day we introduce pitch on via the person a two bedrooms, landlord old lady is quite frank, decide with us good chummage every months 1600 yuan, sign a contract the following day. Who knows that evening the daughter of the old lady calls to me, want instead chummage every months 1800 yuan, the issue that has discussed goes back on his word actually, I refused very grouchily. Discuss with wife later, consideration repeatedly, I the daughter that ground of “ abasement ” gives landlord actively calls, ground of good word good sign argy-bargy, hired a building 1700 yuan with the month finally come down.

Hire room experience this to be able to be me two attended one class, personal experience arrived to look for the hardship of the house, realize there is oneself house in Beijing is how important. This paragraph of experience also made me sufficient comprehend the option of butterfly, knew more beside “ is foolish of ” wife precious.

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