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The stunt that marriage of choose and buy plunges drop 6 laws

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This is a time that realizes ego in business, female people never such independence, because this needs decorous thing to adorn this more; Male people never such rushing about take care, need to let people admire his grade. Diamond is the woman's best friend, also be a man most glaring window, value what the article offers for you to buy auger adorn meet already beautiful meet again economical, of course, this also is pretty good to other gem draw lessons from.
One, abacus has been hit, act accordingly

Shopped not to throw into confusion balance of income and expenses, gens going to work buys the budget of the dress and shoe to want to had been listed, buy gem getting to act the role of more should such. If the budget is limited, might as well buy spend completely, color, grade is a bit a few lower, and the diamond with a few greater weight, anyway nobody can bend over to go with 10 times magnifier on your body observation getting is acted the role of.

2, goods comparing is not in an unfavorable situation 3 times

Look more, much frequently, do not have disadvantage, but the charge for the making of sth. of the character that precondition is diamond seeing Qing Dynasty and headgear, the price of diamond is stabler, more transparent also, you are OK to gem wholesale room key is looked up, perhaps ask the person of know the business.

The brand shop that had better have reputation to stability or bazaar is bought, because after service also is important segment.

3, why to plant diamond has value most

Should say, buy 1 carat above with reasonable price, the diamond that has the calibration certificate of international authority orgnaization such as GIA or HRD is most of the value, of course you must have proper economic actual strength. The price of this kind of diamond is certain all the time in have litre, no matter do cherished tradition or auction to change,show, won't have a deficit how many.

4, make clear “4C” mouth is beneficial

Although the “4C” □ of diamond is weight, clean,spend, the color, □ that cut worker worker has been platitude, but asking more when buy still is beneficial. The weight of diamond of “ asking Qing Dynasty is how many ” , “ is spent completely how ” , its color achieves “ what grade ” , “ these two cut labour to have what difference ” , inn-keeper can reply seriously not only, still meet the person that understands you are know the business, and ask these clear, goods comparing also had a basis 3 times.