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11 long-distance swim and do wedding to want fine fine weigh in the hand

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11 ” of “ grow a holiday forthcoming, shift to an earlier date two days to begin from 29 days. Since beginning to implement system length a holiday 1999 oneself, this year still is first time not be to began to have a holiday on October 1. The reporter interviewed discovery recently, according to the adjustment of holiday, a lot of citizens are busy also scheduling that adjusts oneself.

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Height of go on a journey will shift to an earlier date two days

“ plans to set out on October 1 originally go the other place travels, 7 days are returned. Holiday shifted to an earlier date now, I also need to revise the journey. Miss Wang represents ” office worker. Miss Wang's original plan is to set out on October 1 go nonlocal self-help travels, returned on October 7, she already had checked guesthouse on the net and book, but National Day holiday ended on October 5, for this, she is urgent shifted to an earlier date go-off two days.

The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, to this year of holiday adjust, our city each travel agent also make countermeasure in succession, swim to National Day circuit sends round time long termly to undertake adjustment especially. “ 80% concentration are in the group of 11 go on a journey to sent a group with 30 days on September 29 this year, this is to cooperate holiday to adjust the new plan that make. Li Jun manager tells force of ” Yantai nation the reporter. Li Jun expresses, the height of go on a journey of 11 golden weeks can center in former years on October 1 commonly, two days this 2 days, have a holiday this year time shifts to an earlier date, height of go on a journey also will shift to an earlier date. They are a few righter long term the time that send a group was done adjust, for instance HongKong and Macow swims, the date setting out that Korea swims was adjusted from in former years on October 1 on September 29. In addition, this year because be an Olympic Games year, sign up the tourist that goes to Beijing is very much, 5 days of swimming time of Beijing that send a group were centered on September 29, 30 days are mixed on October 1, relatively in former years shifts to an earlier date somewhat.

To answer the height of go on a journey that comes ahead of schedule, city transportation department also has made corresponding preparation. “ before 11 ’ of ‘ during the golden week, 1 day mixes 7 days is passenger flow fastigium, but predict to was mixed on September 29 this year will appear on October 5 passenger flow fastigium. We are met according to passenger flow circumstance, science attempers, prevent to happen press a station to control appearance of harbor sluggish guest. Chief expresses related department of ” city transportation.


“ holiday ” marries to still must ask for leave

I was in “ early to book the hotel October 6 to hold marriage dinner before New Year partly. Consider the National Day originally everybody is available, did not think of to have a holiday to arrive only on October 5, 6 days became weekday, look I marry so that ask for leave, and relatives and friends people should take the advantage of the breathing space midday to attend our wedding. ” yesterday, miss Li tells the citizen that is about to marry the reporter so.

As we have learned, the 11 ” of “ of in former years during the golden week, 6 days often are bridal fastigium. But, this year became weekday on October 6, because need of this a lot of people asks for leave,marry. Some hotel clerk represents the urban district, after 51 golden weeks shorten this year, banquets of 11 golden week marriage more fire, a few new personality were booked before a year. This year of 11 holiday let many newlywed person ahead of schedule only then makings not as good as, the new personality that books banquet of 7 days of 6 day, marriage partly makes a telephone call, the hope can shift to an earlier date time. But hotel 1—5 day is discharged more completely now, want the word that shift to an earlier date, can be in 29 days only, 30 days are held.

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