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Jinan wedding traditions and customs of marriage

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Before the founding, Jinan civil marriages and funerals, mostly followed the "parents to enrich people," the traditions and customs. Woman married, the must be "single-mindedness," the husband can not remarry after the death, saying "Shouzhi," "widowed." Should remarried, were discriminated against, "the second marriage first", "window-Kaner's" and so on. Men can concubinage, "the two-bedroom" and "three room"; remarry after death of his wife, called "second wife", "Tian Fang." Wedding program yet so different because of different family wealth. Late Qing Dynasty, the general marriage customs to go through: marriage proposal, engagement, married, with thanks, back door, thanks to parents, ancestors and other procedures, called "The Great marry"; poor people in the marriage process is extremely simplified, and some After the betrothal is preparing for the wedding, worship settle the matter, commonly known as "Little marry." First, the proposed marriage Fifteen-year-old male and female Seventeen-year-old, that is, propose marriage matchmaker, matchmaker is usually the groom to the bride's family invited "to propose marriage." Emphasis on marriage between men and women "married, character consistency," both sides attach great importance to each other's appearance and instruments. Your age, much as women, avoid the woman a year older, the "female freshman, not a wife; a girl, two, gold long; female junior, hold gold brick," said. The matchmaker Yue He (commonly known as "matchmaking"), both parents interested in the exchange Gengtie, also known as "small for Cambodia", Gengtie write on birthday horoscopes of both men and women (with the Lunar year, month, day and the hour record), two are you fortune teller "character together," as is "Fu Ming", marriage on the basic set. Cambodia and some in the exchange before the small blind, that is, the first phase to see the woman's parents, husband, parents, and then compared the man to see the woman, both parents after China and Italy, and back to the small Cambodia. Old, both men and women more than a sign of the Zodiac taboo, such as "white fear of young cattle, chickens, less than a monkey head, Yishu knife filing, once the sheep off the tiger, the dragon can not do anything with pig, rabbit dogs are most afraid of committing" other feudal superstition said. Second, engagement Marriage between men and women both agreed, that the line for big Cambodia, make up rites and rituals more solemn engagement ceremony. Cambodia, India and used for a gold dragon and the word double happiness dragon Red Book on Cambodia, said. Groom in the Book inscribed "King seeking Jinnuo" and "match made in heaven, Fluke mandarin ducks, days with happy match, Love For All Seasons" and other four Kyrgyz language; women back home in Cambodia to write "Jinzun Yu Yin" and four Kyrgyzstan made to allow married sentence. The man be sent along with the ceremony of the Cambodian dragon and phoenix, also known as "dowry under." Given rites jewelry, clothing and other hi point, 4-color or 8-color gift gift, usually prepared and polite one, have to hire someone to carry the box with carrying, led by a matchmaker sent to women at home, a small number of wealthy officials and business people, and some send 12 to 48 colored gift set. Home salute women have boots, hats, clothing and the four treasures and so on. For Cambodia, the two entered into a marriage that is formal, the two sides are not repudiation. Third, married Be married, selected auspicious day, commonly known as "see the day", ready to marry. Married before, the man to the woman parents and friends of the parents send-hi Cambodia. Hi friends and relatives in Cambodia have received the gifts come with Hershey. Married the day before, the woman's parents to hire someone to carry the box with a dowry to the man lift home, as family wealth, 4 lift, lift 8, 16 lift, officials and businessmen rich people carry more than 32, 64 lift, usually more than others clothes or bedding, home appliances, rich officials and business people is to send sheets at Luozhang, gold and silver jewelry, carved screen color bottles valuables. Married May, the man of words and couplets hi door stickers, hang colored silk, to put on top of the door wearing a pair of chopsticks and bricks wrapped in red paper. Wealthy family of officials and businessmen but also in the hospital bar Cai Peng, banquet and friends. Church School offers flowers, flowers for the table and set Church gods position, porcelain figurines and vases, incense Fukurokuju Samsung, the table set Hongzhanbaidian. The woman's home is also hanging lanterns and colorful, entertaining friends and relatives. The man wanted a female wedding guest, the woman wanted a send-off pro-woman, wedding, and send the pro ladies have to choose the prime good appearance and taste of the children of parents in-laws "all Huan person" as. 10 am, the groom wearing a jacket, red silk cross Phi, horseback or sedan chair, and ladies wedding bands and bridal guide drum to married women at home. Women at home before the arrival of the sedan chair to close the door sedan chair to the other. The groom to the accompaniment of drums in the band, knocking Alighting delivery Mingtie (Mingtie is a large red paper in block letters, "so and so would like to worship the imperial round nephew"), the side door into the main room lead the groom. Groom to the female Fang Zuzong tablets three call-in ceremony row kneeling, kneeling again parents-line call-in ceremony of three, her parents stand beside Zuo Yi to answer. Protocol to the bride and groom and then cited the door, the groom to the door Gongyi. Please bride, and then to the rooms, food and wine in honor of his wife's family set up refreshments and groom, when the large dishes, the groom leave, then a trumpeter music masterpiece, the bride catching by the board to send the pro ladies bridal sedan chair to sit all the way suona music non-stop. Sedan chair to the man's family, to send the pro ladies and ladies wedding when Alighting help the bride, set off firecrackers, the groom himself open Jiaolian pick. The first Mongolian bride red cloth, the right hand holds a smug, to be helped Alighting. A person holding a mirror, opposite the shine from the bride, bride stepping Hongzhan to spend together, the bride, friends and relatives have to throw grain and bran and other objects, the latter evolved into colorful pieces of paper spread, known as "Caesar Valley beans", commonly known as Caesar's ear homophonic "evil spirit", said the "evil spirit" spreading out the meaning. And set sticky cake pack and saddle for the bride to step over, and with the cry "rise higher and higher," "Sui Ping" and Kyrgyz language. Arm to accompany the bride and groom who stood under the north, by the master of ceremonies shouted the style of singing, "Xiang-Rui months, the auspicious day a really good time, grant room into the ceremony," and other hi song speech. (Lyrics: curved according to Kyushu on children, hung red silk plug, according to today rejoicing lucky, palanquin carried to the front door. Gate, laying Hong Zhan, and trumpet and put whip, friends and family both sides of the station, the bride Alighting elegant mix. the top of the red bundle wrapped in cloth, wearing red coat and take on both sides of Tamarix sub-jug, elegant and helped the bride away, crossed the brazier Maima saddle. into the door, festive Tim, into the second gate, security and peace, a walk to when the yard , square table on the full swing. a bucket of grain, one said, three arrows, a bow, but also burn incense and place for the high, respect the world of our ancestors. When the bride came to the courtyard, called the groom preparing for the wedding. a worship days, thanks to two, three thanks to in-laws are satisfied, the four seasons thanks to a large fortune, thanks to Homeplan the first five, six, six thanks to a smooth, thanks to seven large Purple seven, eight thanks to congratulate the Eight Immortals, plus nine thanks to nine bless government, everything is okay thanks to ten.) Thereafter, the bride and groom line Sanguijiukou ceremony, saying "preparing for the wedding." The bride and groom and then against three worship opposite, saying "pay Baili." Preparing for the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom entered the bridal chamber with a red silk traction and groom holding a red chopsticks (Zhangqiu learning to use a rolling pin), pick hooded red cloth to the bride, and then sitting down to eat with the bride wedlock, the wine mixed with honey, to someone next to the question "sweet?", the bride replied, "Sweet!" because homonym for "Tim" (ie, fertility). And end on the dumplings, the first of the bride and groom to eat dumplings with red silk thread tied to show "good marriage led red line", eat when the bride to ask "life is not life?" Answer to say "students" to shown to have children. This referred to as "consummation of marriage ceremony." Many rural areas the custom of eating noodles Alighting. Changqing there will be leftover after the noodles into the bed mats, leaving the future to show the custom of the children to eat. Libi re-consummation of marriage "spread account" and "take account", will be peanuts, red dates, chestnuts, lotus seeds sprinkled on the bride bed, early to take stand child, boys and girls to spend a life, even blessed with children and other auspicious meaning. After spreading the bride and groom sat together on the edge of the bed. Take account of a woman after the "all-Huan person" to the bride twisted face (that is, to his face twisted with wire hairs), hair, wear headgear inserted, this referred to as "open face." Then began "downtown housing." Downtown ladies room care by the wedding advise. That night, friends, nephews and other brother in the window "listening room", and "no one listening room, his issue is not busy," said. Fourth, the worship The next day after marriage, the bride bowed down ancestral tablets, and then bowed her in-laws, primary, tertiary and other elders, called "Meet the Man", commonly known as "the worship." In-laws and older relatives of the bride to donate money, jewelry or clothing and other gifts, the "do not knock new short do." Fifth, get a small meal Married the next morning, the younger brother of the woman's parents or the bride poor nephew, carrying food to the man's home, the man first congratulate the parents, the bride room to go get food, saying "send a small meal." Purpose is to visit her family after marriage the bride situation. Six, back to the door Marriage on the third day morning, the bride go to the kitchen and cooking Jizao serve her in-laws. Then, the bride and groom to go with her family. The groom in his wife's family is known as "guests", the groom's tablets before going ahead Yue Jiazu kowtow ceremony, his wife's family elders bowed again, his wife's family set up banquet reception. Back at that day, hardly ever, that the "hide sleepy." The said "three days back door." Sixth day after marriage the bride and groom went with his wife's family, commonly known as "Six stroll legs." Twelfth day of the ninth day, go to his wife's family, the bride in her family can live 1 1 night, and some others, must be a month later, only 1 bride back home "to live on the Moon", and "January is not availability, "said. Seventh day after marriage, the bride began to make clothes, footwear and other needlework. Live on the month, we should cut back to her parents to do a good cloth, which must give the pants a groom to do. The fourth five days after marriage, the bride by the Pomu led to various friends and relatives had come to congratulate and recognize the pro Xie back home, the family and friends gift presented to the bride, saying "thanks pro." Then choose a good weather day, leading the bride to her husband's family graves Ying to worship, in the graves on the mound pressed pink paper, called "on the hi grave." 40 years, becoming less cumbersome customs of marriage, the top people in the city of Jinan, hold more "civilized marriage." When married, rent a car or carriage to marry the bride, car and coach car before the hanging red colored silk, covered with colored silk flower car body, Drum Team (civil called "Ocean Drum Ocean Road") Army go on the car. Wedding, the groom suit Gelv, the bride with white or pink dress Western-style yarn, the first disclosure of a tissue drag the ground, wearing sunglasses, a bridesmaid (also known as the maid of honor) to accompany the girl to their pull yarn. There Presiding over Wedding Ceremony, witnesses participants bowed three times the bride and groom. But there is still room downtown, listening room, back door, thanks to pro-doped semi-some old and new customs. After the founding of 50 years, from simple respect for marriage. Mostly introduced free love or introducer met their approval, co-registered with the government to obtain a marriage certificate, that is officially married. Re-use holiday wedding, men and women wearing large red flowers in the chest in the bow before the portrait of Mao Zedong, prepare candy, hi smoke entertain friends and relatives, to complete the wedding. 70's, married about lavish, pomp wind grew. Parents, unmarried man and daughter first met, to gift gift, gift money, mostly. Marriage to the woman home the man for the first time, to bring rich gifts to many as well. Marriage, family and friends who donated money and goods. Woman's parents to purchase the dowry, the man clothing and furniture. Some ask for the woman in marriage to the man of property, in rural areas even more. Urban people, mostly ask for bicycles, watches, sewing machines, radios, etc., commonly known as the "three turn a Di Liu." In rural areas, either directly ask for some money. 80, married, parents of both men and women should buy for their children than high-end furniture and household appliances, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and so on. Day before the wedding, the woman sent to dowry. Married, the bride with Yan Zhuang, the man with the car to greet the bride, the bride under the car, burning firecrackers, a number of tables banquet feast friends and relatives. Back door three days after marriage, the wife hosted a dinner for the parents. Some travel time of marriage, "the tourism marriage." In recent years, the Government and the relevant social groups advocating thrift Banhun Shi, and organizing collective wedding ceremony, but the wind community profile wedding ceremony is still as powerful as ever. Before the founding, Jinan urban and rural areas have Uxorilocal, child bride, ghost marriage, and other special wedding, have disappeared after the founding. VII Uxorilocal Old, and women without children of the wealthy family, bidding farewell to old age and continue the family line, there Zhaonv Xu to the custom of married women at home, saying "Uxorilocal", commonly known as "old-age son move", "insert the door down," and so on. OK this custom are from the rural people. Uxorilocal who were mostly men in poorer families. After marriage, the man to the woman's last name changed to, side by side with Uxorilocal writings. Eight, child brides Old, young daughter of poor families, was sent to her husband's parents live, multi-abuse, commonly known as "happy wife." To adulthood for "consummated", that is married. IX, ghost marriage Commonly known as "Dr. Yin pro." Old, unmarried young men and women died, their parents want to find a dead young unmarried heterosexual marriages, the ceremony held in Results overcast pro men and women each have two tablets, take on a red silk, with a car carrying the woman's memorial tablets to the groom for burnt offering 3 days, breaking the man's grave and the coffin will be buried with the woman's coffin. Today, as relatives by marriage between the two.
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