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Marriage of busy season of wedding of hurried of festival of Chinese and Western

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  The red-letter day of Chinese and Western that following sb's heels and reachs makes bridal peak period

“ dog is annual the head is good, with respect to the view daughter son gives wedding did, do so that new idea went! The ground says buoyant of ” Liu aunt. Yesterday is Chinese festival of lanterns, tomorrow is western Valentine's Day, the complacently that adds New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar is fond of gas, take flourishing marriage the business that celebrates concoctive company. Although hold a bridal cost,go up at every turn 10 thousand, but the business of these companies still very prosperous.

The reporter celebrates concoctive company to understand from a few marriage, latter their business is better really, do not cross this and be absent unexpected. “ year year the person all along that end does wedding is much, new personality should shift to an earlier date commonly 9 weeks make an appointment, the price also rises somewhat. Celebration of wedding of appearance of betrothal gifts of gold of ” Guangzhou city engineers young lady of limited company Europe to say, the wine shop schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of the car of Yuanxiao, the first month of the lunar year is discharged early very completely. Wedding of Guangzhou great time engineers a company to also tell a reporter about chief, suffer the price and weather condition to restrict, most new personality can choose in wine shop fete this is planted traditional pattern, because banquet of marriage of the first month of the lunar year is more, cooperative wine shop does not have what empty shelves really.

As we have learned, marriage the bridal means that celebrates concoctive company to be able to be offerred is very much, include passenger liner wedding, marine wedding to wait, but because the price is high and get desolate, the most welcome still is traditional wedding. Nevertheless, hold the service that runs traditional wedding to expend disadvantageous also appropriate, be like company of ” of “ Jin Cai, hold the charge of the Chinese style wedding that runs a 10 desks to get on 10 thousand yuan at least.

Nevertheless, hire marriage car just is each big head that big marriage celebrates concoctive company to collect fees. The reporter understands, a lot of companies that rent a car set formal and special vehicle, it is to run quickly more, the car of “ arrogant expensive ” such as Ao Di, day is hired (4 hours) about 500 yuan or so, the costliest luxurious car everyday rent charge is as high as on 1000 yuan even. Average newlywed person chooses to receiving car of marriage of the hire in a few hours of the bride only, dan Zaigui also has the market, some marriage celebrates the controller that engineers a company to say: “ is in marry busy season, should shift to an earlier date commonly 3 months make an appointment to just can rent formal car. ”

And the hairdressing of new personality beautifies hair charge also is one large expenses. As we have learned, the bridegroom bride of one a complete set of beautifies hair to want 200 yuan to go to 500 yuan commonly, the bride with some higher demands more begin to do one's hair maintains and protect skin to work before New Year partly from wedding, so whole charge is controlled to on 1000 yuan. This also gives beautify hair course of study brings a kind of bigger gain.

As a result of at present marriage the service quality the good and bad are intermingled that celebrates concoctive company, the personage inside course of study suggests, new people had better not give a company completely at a draught, answer to hand in a few imprest first however, inspect its to serve quality reassign next more than.

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