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Wang wedding jewelry on the market with a fire in Wuhan

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Into the October wedding is to get to the peak of the year, when young people are busy to buy a wedding jewelry, gold shop store sales rose twenty-three into.
Reporter yesterday visited the Wuhan-Guangzhou, the WTO, business and other shopping centers in the gold counters, and the New World jewelry gold shop to see, almost every jewelry counter at least three or four customers, and more fashionable in the selection of the thousands of gold jewelry, diamond rings and so on, have a sales staff said, mostly for jewelry, wedding new election, they will be under one roof a necklace, bracelet, diamond rings, earrings, such as several large, often spent on the yuan.
Jewelers also launched the "marriage" jewelry in series, by the new tricks to win favor, including the dragon and phoenix bracelet, new to the ring, Golden Rose and so on. New World Jewelry statistics show that only a wedding ring one day and sometimes can sell four or five pairs, three or four thousand dollars the best selling price.
New World Jewelry company official Li Bin, in particular introduced many people to marry in October, is the gold jewelry sales season, sales of the year accounted for about 30%.

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