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Wedding Expo in Guangzhou booming wedding industry bigger and bigger

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Recently, the Guangzhou Metro Line 1,2 compartment was suddenly unusually festive dress, greeted all the red sixth marriage, Guangzhou Fair posters. For a time, following the "perfect" days later, 80 couples They re-ignite enthusiasm for marriage. "Widow year 2010" was once popular in the wedding crowd, many people expect the consumption of the entire wedding industry and the marriage will appear low. However, from fifty-one to the climax of the National Day of the marriage, especially from October 10 "Shiquan Ten United States "at Guangzhou registered more than 4,000 married couples point of view, a lot of new people, especially after 80 new concept of marriage is quietly changing. "80" as a large social groups have access to marriage and childbearing age, and for "80", the marriage is no longer done to anyone, but their pursuit of a personality, a kind of fashion. At present, China can provide For the wedding service industry businesses are still in "individual" state, comprehensive, personalized wedding service is also less, and most cities have not formed on the scale, can provide comprehensive one-stop service Professional wedding agency, which lags far behind the current group of 80 couples married after the consumer demand. In this case, Wedding Expo quietly popular wedding consumption patterns. Because its not only the traditional wedding industry businesses "powerful combination", but through the powerful integration of resources, will make it easier for married couples to provide professional, a Nature of the wedding needs. It is understood that marriage fair in Beijing, Shanghai has become a relatively mature market the brand, and Wedding Expo in Guangzhou, started late. But in the last year, the Guangzhou Fair, whether the marriage scene rules Die, or are in no way lose popularity in Beijing, Shanghai, China. Reporters from the 2010 Wedding Expo organizers in Guangzhou sixth network learned a long time married, marriage and wedding expo as a platform for the display industry, closely related, and now the inner Han has become increasingly rich, the professional level and influence are growing. Now, not only in Guangzhou, in the other first-tier cities, Wedding Expo has become the new wedding business and marriage marriage generally favored by consumer distribution center. According to reports, the Guangzhou Fair from the previous year marriage next year or two, and gradually developed into year two or year three, the size and grade of the host is also gradually improved. From 6 November 2010 Guangzhou, the upcoming Sixth marriage fair view, there is the experience of success over the past five this year after getting married a long time network organizers want to create Guangzhou "in the history of the greatest" of the marriage fair, so it is from the scale of investment, commercial exhibitors, or from the venues Size and influence is unprecedented in terms, Wedding Expo has been moving into the marketing mode regularization, industry, wedding industry seems to have become a shining pearl in the chain. It has been revealed as of press time, enrolled in the sixth long married Network Fall Wedding Expo in Guangzhou, Guangzhou has more than 15,000 pairs of new, but previous marriage fair number of applicants is less than 1 million pairs. Organizers said this and 80 The concept of post-marriage group, the changes in consumption concept, and can not do without China Wedding Expo in recent years, the maturity model, formal and professional.
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