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Marriage celebrate economy, business chance emerges move wait for warm up

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Feburary is the day of sweethearts sweetness, the Spring Festival, festival of lanterns, Valentine's Day all sorts of festival take turns come, let a person be enmeshed in thick festival in, besides the flower of beauty of of all kinds, diversiform elegant gift, wedding also made this time most a scenery line that scratchs an eye.
Person of respecting marriage comity can'ted help remembering marriage celebrate a company, give oneself wedding marriage celebrate a company to deal with, become a kind of fashion of the youth. The cake that the marriage nowadays celebrates the market is to do bigger more, affected marriage gauze photography, hairdressing to beautify hair, the development of the numerous and relevant industry such as articles for use of travel of meal of wine of headgear gift, smoke, traffic, household. And in the our city, marriage celebrate the market to just still start, a few marriage that appear on the market celebrate a company, have a plenty of those who have certain experience is small endowment found independently, have a plenty of an other place to interlink a firm, with the other place large marriage celebrates company look to compare and character, sort of capital shortage, service is little, the service that some companies place provides cannot content is worth somewhat, because the market still does not have warm-up, make marriage the progress that celebrates economy is not hopeful, a few marriage celebrate a company to be not accepted for the masses, appeared the picture of there is few visitors.
The reporter understands in interview, the marriage of the our city celebrates formulate of market presence price project of non-standard, service is not perfect wait for blemish, a few marriage inside city celebrate a company mutual the connection communication between is less, each do each business, without uniform price, because competition is intense, baleful demand a low price still has appeared between some companies. Current marriage celebrates a service to use a kind of such payment more, by project of consumer make choice of, wait for after finishing, the satisfaction that treats customer spends price. But same kind of service of the name, the marriage that also can be differred celebrates a company to make distinct effect, for instance, be bridal place likewise decorate, some is relatively simple, help new personality solves the place that is fond of banquet, it is OK to order meal. And some criterion demand is higher, accomplish in detail place perfect, some new personality ask to emcee is chaired, especially the wedding of Chinese style tradition, exceedingly strict to the requirement of emcee. The reporter is in marriage celebrate a company to understand, the newlywed person that the our city does Chinese style wedding is very few, the ceremony that is Chinese style wedding is relatively trival, 2 because the price of Chinese style wedding is more expensive,be, cannot accept for average household place. In the meantime, reporter discovery, the marriage of the our city celebrates the market to lack innovation, a lot of marriage celebrate a company to just should accept the business of a few traditions, and make a few plans without the active characteristic that is aimed at new personality and need, this is gone against marriage the progress that celebrates cause.
6 install a flower to marry the manager Wang Yong that is fond of the marriage of the shop to celebrate formal company delivered a such message to us: Marriage the competition that celebrates the market already conformed to the principle of simplicity odd selling the thing turns to be engineered to sell, because be in more and more person eyes, the beauty that wedding already evolved into to present as leading role to act the leading role by oneself is Thespian. Ability of spending of very much after all person is limited, and marriage celebrate company capital finite also, but be opposite in the light of people marriage the demand that celebrates a service is day-to-day however rise, manage to Xiaogong so for, any one cannot accomplish reach every aspect of a matter, current, the company is celebrated to use in the marriage of the our city add up to Zong Lianheng can yet be regarded as a kind of good way. Marriage celebrate the building of company, restaurant, shadow, company that rent a car to be done together marriage celebrate, not only can normative of this market run, still can make this market jointly big, a cup when get oneself from which sweet a thick soup. The marriage that believes an our city celebrates an industry to pass the development of period of time, pass competition to be able to form more perfect guild regulations, allow as the enlarge of market demand at the same time, occupation standard can be formed stage by stage, marriage celebrate a service refine degree to also will rise further.

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