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Marriage avoid by all means

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1.After bringing a bed, arrive before newly-married night, should look for a minor male Tong Hexin man sleeps on the bed together, because the tradition thinks,empty shop is ill-fated boding.
2.Marry the day of get married, the elder brother's wife when the bride goes out cannot send, because of elder brother's wife and comet sweep a word unisonant, ominous.
3.Get married day, when the bride leaves a married woman's parents' home, everybody should cry more racily to had been jumped over, because 為 cries,send cry hair, do not cry to be not sent, if do not cry if, made contraindication instead.
4.Dress avoid of the bride has a bag, lest take away the money carry of a married woman's parents' home.
5.Because the flower dies of old age easily, reason marriage is evaded, enrol a flower to be able to 't help repeatedly only. Leave because of former gules leaf from Xie Xin, its shape is OK meaning analogy girl gets married, sincere need the man, latter criterion suggestion is much child much grandson.
6.After marrying the 3rd day, newlywed carries in the company of of 帶 gift photograph to reach woman home, namely so called mothering, but husband home hurrieds back before be sure to keep in mind to must falling when light, cannot stay in pass the night of a married woman's parents' home. In case special account as a result cannot come home, husband and wife is about to lest the hematic light in honeymoon of new a form of address for one's wife hit person of a married woman's parents' home,sleep apart.

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