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What kind of dish is tasted can everyone is happy, is guest and host used up joy

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Delicate it is modern is tasted to dish the basiccest appeal to beg, choose meticulously, the dish of cooking satisfies food not just desire, it is the art on vision and heart is enjoyed more, current, guangdong dish appears via regular meeting on the marriage banquet menu of astral class hotel, because Guangdong dish modelling is beautiful, taste is distinctive, catered to new people " beg new, beg change, beg neat " state of mind, revest they are Orphean the name that has well-intentioned head again, let person favour indeed! The dish that concerns with crab for instance is met oh similar situation compares Jin Jian " renown head, and with gallinaceous duck, columbine wait concern " have a bright future " the head with prosperous work of adumbrative marriage have a youthful look dish: Bright red porket " raise a key point goluptious: Head of meaning of bravery of dish of aunt of Bao shellfish north is " dragon horse spirit " happy gas is upright and unafraid: Husband and wife of implied meaning of white bright careless shrimp is everlasting: Beauty of face of the dry government office that burn Yi nods Shuang Hui " a mug-up, two breed " just be geminate and didymous perfect portraiture, material, taste can do farther communication with the hotel.

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