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What kind of marriage bed should you choose?

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The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, the happiness of lifetime is cared at newly-married. So the romance that how chooses oneself the first content: Marriage bed, you give a few experience here talk.   
Romantic the first content: Marriage bed  
One, the head of a bed with comfortable the first  
On the bed, we always like to lean to lean partly partly, must rely on on headboard to prop up with the head when us when having half body, vertebral disease is not far from us perhaps, it is soft, it is hard, it is straight, it is inclined, the design of the head of a bed decided those who carry a neck on the back is comfortable.   
When leaning on the bed, we can search sometimes with one caboodle soft cushion comfortable. Still have the idea of save trouble, it is OK to choose a the head of a bed mobile bed, so a comfortable angle can hold the post of you to adjust.
2, the head of a bed must agile  
The ark of the head of a bed of belt annulus is a good choice of course, convenient and OK Chu Na, a few do not be willing to leave a body too far petty thing can be defended beside. But the drawer that a necessary premise is ark of the head of a bed must equip good hardware, the gift when push-pull will be great fluent, we always unapt turn over in midnight time get out of bed crouch on the ground to mix the drawer of ark of the head of a bed is stronger.   
Or ark of the head of a bed and an organic whole of bed backboard make it, retain the function of its ark face only, but can adjust at will however. Depend on this namely neatly.   
3, the head of a bed is best and OK store content  
We take a few little thing beside via regular meeting, although be in personally over bed couch,also be such. In addition, still have face the novel before sleeping, remote controller, and the alarm clock when early morning and music, because this the head of a bed must have Chu Na's function.
The Chu Na of the head of a bed leaves us impossibly too far, the place with a comfortable be particular about is over bed couch, the convenience of article collect is this kind of comfortable one part beside, do not go making excessive demands ark of the head of a bed will differentiate the space that gives a bedroom, actually if it can let ground of your without striking a blowing take your thing, already very pretty good.   
4, bring up " bright moon of the head of a bed is smooth " scene  
Although we can extinguish electric lamp when Morpheus, but the head of a bed is should can offer illuminative at any time, it is the action that resembles reading such functional sexes not only, return those who include bedroom atmosphere to build, local light just can achieve the little of the head of a bed sweet effect.   
Placing desk lamp is the commonnest method, some the head of a bed berth lamp make it an organic whole, the architect experienced the mood of nocturnal reader adequately.   
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