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Let the preparation before the marriage with your colourful Jing

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A bridal day that, I am the most beautiful bride on the world, you are the most brilliant bridegroom on the world! A pair of created by nature, unique beauty, be this day of miracle that blossoms happily! Because,that is, before a month, we had begun ready-made!
The 1st week: Fine body beautiful face is little to having this is important a week for the beautiful eyebrow of abdomen abdomen. The fastest the kind that does not have harm again goes professional center reducing weight namely. Oil of essence reducing weight can be used to strengthen a loop in the home! Should notice on food delicate, such taste will be better, and won't oedema. If eat vegetables and fruits more, drink yoghurt more, intestines and stomach will be some more comfortable. Problem skin should take care right now. Protect in the winter wet can reduce with defence function of protection, sensitive skin should special attention. Had better look for familiar hairdressing adviser to seek advice, do not change product and contact easily new nurse, lest produce red, desquamate because of allergy, the loss outweights the gain. Remind: Blain having blain must not oneself go squeezing, inflammation fester is more troublesome. Tea tree can be used in the home or lavender diminish inflammation and go scar, every time at palmar center, nod again in affected part.
The 2nd week: Of the whole body it is very important to caress systemic chamfer to pledge, the night of newly-married, not let thick thick dead skin brings awkwardness momently then in what embrace. Must strengthen in the winter especially nurse. Scent of biweekly Spa whole body is massaged, what because wedding day place is caused,can eliminate is disturbed. Remind: Before marrying, must try makeup, look to whether be opposite the colour of marriage gauze company makeup allergic, return the color that can communicate colour makeup next.
The 3rd week: Charging a week " S " model the figure is the weapon with very electric power absolutely. Bridal breast enhancement and beautiful buttock project must be strengthened. Massage and chamfer can undertake at the same time character. As to the respect that carry buttock, can use BIO or machine of Faraday model form, strengthen coxal flexibility. Additional, at this moment fingernail is unfavorable and frequent use fingernail is oily, avoid fingernail all around thick skin is stimulated, can do next cling to take fragrance apian fruit candle nurses, make the double arm after SOPPING slow, the qualitative move that also lets both hands is more wonderful. Remind: If you are glasses of the form that wear concealed, eyelash,grow the beautiful eyebrow that become warped to answer not quite again choose kind of eyelash hairdressing center of a major, let oneself can become glamour at the appointed time 4 those who shoot " electric eye bride " . The 4th week: The most important a week is like time to allow, want at least one day SPA can be arranged, have some of place that oneself cannot accomplish, can seek help of division of professional beauty cure. Everyday morning and evening wants those who strengthen elite fluid to protect wet, such deciding makeup the result is some stronger, take off not easily also makeup. Also can use oil of essence of black rim of the eye to alleviate additionally the eye that Morpheus causes not quite is bloated. If piscine end grain is too much, had better buy a bottle of rose fruit oil moist eye, lip. Remind: Wedding day near, nervous you are OK apply film of face of aplomb of collagen of foreign Gan Ju, pacify the skin, avoid exciting food, keep aperient, if grow blain blain to be able to bother cough up then! Jing makes a ground colourfully afore-mentioned hairdressing methods, we are special spend a body to order for you did a course to consult in order to offer. Be sure to keep in mind: System of familiar fine of hairdressing of specific aim major is more effective, beauty parlour must not be changed in this crises frequency. Recommend as follows: Fine body -- piscine beauty center reducing weight; Hairdressing -- 100 Li Yamei looks are met. Specific plan:
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