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How to choose wedding to engineer division

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What is bridal plan division? Had you seen Zhan Ni Fu Luopeici acts the leading role " fall in love with bridegroom " ? The part that she acts in drama is division of a bridal plan (Wedding Planner) , also call bridal plan handler. Be in abroad, bridal plan husband is a very great profession, need has a lot of professional quality. For example: The banquet serves, the flower serves, field arranges a service, figure designs a service to wait for a lot of relevant knowledge related to wedding. She should engineer bridal whole process and detail for new personality, help new personality fulfils bridal earnest wish. Current, the company is celebrated to be able to find bridal organizer in domestic marriage, but their horizontal the good and bad are intermingled, you need to discriminate appraisal carefully. Need to shift to an earlier date commonly half an year is about to engineer division to meet with different wedding, if you think preparation is sufficient, it is earlier of course better. Choice wedding engineers division, need enquires following circumstances:
1. his from already check, include him to be engaged in the time length that bridal plan works, altogether has been organized how many times bridal, can organize one year how many times bridal.
2. had better see the bridal kinescope that has engineered before him or picture.
3. enquires he serves the customer that pass, listen to their opinion, so that you can understand his concoctive ability objectively more. 4. Spend the constituent ability that flank understands him over there art division, cameraman, band from what had cooperated to it.
The agent that 5. should affirm to he is other and bridal service or recommend trade, whether to close from which replace manage to expend.
6. inspects his service level: Whether did he offer written timeline list for your wedding, whether can do seasonable and reasonable adjustment, whether will he attend your wedding, whether can he handle the issue such as the contract negotiation of bridal concerned item for you. Help your save money 15% of the bridal general budget that the defray of overall plan should hold you. Although compare oneself the plan is much gave brushstroke expense, but have the following the advantage of two respects:
One, concoctive Shi Youfeng's rich bridal preparatory experience, he knows how a wedding is arranged, he can pass as man-to-man as you service, let you get professional help;
2, it how is OK that he knows be economical, help you save expenditure in other side argy-bargy, overall come down to be able to want than yourself plan economical a lot of. Below the help that engineers division in wedding, you are OK leave out a lot of needless troubles. Of course yourself also should do a few specific works, for example, with the interview of a few businessmen that engineers division proposal, decide the issue of respect of a few detail. Sign a contract the contract of you and bridal plan division should include: The responsibility that division of bridal specific date, plan arranges agree of each thing place to carry and finished deadline. Should write in the contract on the principle that pays charge detail sheet, contract to cancel and condition, still should keep the full name that goes up to replace personnel below emergency at the same time, did not forget the connection way of you and concoctive division both sides finally.
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