Pass agent of abortion of the month on Wang Fei of 39 years old of senile pregna

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King humble Li Yapeng

[On September 15 Hong Kong dispatch] after Wang Fei and Li Yapeng marry, absurd issue Li Yan. Give birth to a son to help husband, wang Fei although already 39 years old of advanced age, but still take a risk to conceive the 3rd embryo. Nevertheless, according to Taiwan newspaper report, tail of the month on Wang Fei already aborted.

Early before handler Chen Jiaying of Wang Fei announces a good news, admit A Fei is pregnant by June. Actually before two, when A Fei is pregnant not quite successful, be forced because of the buy before placenta like the 1st embryo make sb the first aim of attack, the beautiful of the 2nd embryo have harelip unfortunately again, the uterine wall that twice this Yi Linga of make sb the first aim of attack poors attenuates. Today second conceive the 3rd embryo again, a Fei is careful all the more already, latter drop wine is not touched, still beg to clever concealed temple with husband child protect restful.

Originally of A Fei beforehand 產 period is in next year 4, May, but in August so humble of A of the last ten-day of a month already aborted. Have because,passing is she already 39 years old of advanced age, add those who not be pregnant to fly to Bhutan to attend Jia Ling of good friend Liu with respect to from a great distance to a month bridal.

One king humble flies last week harbor plays 3 night 4 days, medium still fears she is pregnant to should not take a risk by airplane, have again pass her to come harbor is to go clinic of Liang Shude of ” of cure of drive of Lin Qingxia “ is done produce check, also have because abort,passing is, come this harbor is to look for Fu to produce a cure to hope to be pregnant again, suitable also path comes harbor beguilement.

Pass abortion to Wang Fei, chen Jiaying still asks in reply the reporter is therefrom hear, express later, won't talk about these, let a reporter ask Wang Fei again.

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