Eat too much rice to be able to be caused be short of zinc

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Eat too much rice to be able to be caused be short of zinc
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Many parents are short of zinc to feel bemused to the child, “ living standard is not low now, the child has well, wear well, how can you be short of zinc? ”

Doctor of force of rain of bavin of research center of pharmacy of living things of group of medicine of American Willing biology says to this explanation, staple food is the main reason that creates this kind of situation. Most person staple food has rice, taking a side had been a kind of habit, but actually, in rice face existence calls establish one kind acerbity material, it can be united in wedlock with zincic element, form compound, make human body cannot be absorbed normally, bring about be short of zinc, teenager children is short of zinc to be able to affect normal growth.

Nevertheless, the establish acid in consist in staple food also has a characteristic, if ferment it, establish acid can decrease, produce an effect to zincic absorption no longer.

Accordingly, eat steamed bread, biscuit to be compared have rice more the absorption that is helpful for zinc.

Be in our country, south, northward dietary habit is different, can see apparent contrast: The habit eats the northerner of the steamed bread to grow higher, and the southern that the habit has rice is relatively a few shorter, this is concerned with zincic intake on certain level. Occupy investigation additionally, eat the Hesperian of biscuit, the situation that be short of zinc is opposite less.

Carry the child that feed to be short of zinc easily

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