The human body that uncover secret is anile 10 big reasons

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Human mean life just also rose 74 years old by 45 years old more than 2000 years ago. Up to now human life is highest person only the Englishman nots · blocks Mu favour, lived 200 years old. The scientist points out, natural life-span of the mankind should be 100 ~ 150 years old.

Why is the mankind met anile? Whether restrain consenescence?

A lot of scientists think, because the mankind gets the illuminate of all sorts of ray, take chemical drug, and iron quantity is contained to wait for an element too much in food, the meeting inside body accumulates harmful freedom base. This kind of freedom radical is the culprit that brings about human body consenescence. Some scientists think, because a few material that bring about ageing produced in the cell,cellular ageing is. The cellular biologist that American the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces overcomes phenanthrene to strap an university Youjinniya from inside cell of human body connective tissue, depart gives a kind of special protein, this kind of protein just is in of ageing, the ability in the cell that quits division has, and it is nonexistent in young cell. She thinks, this kind of protein is the child of cellular ageing. Final “ kills the material that perhaps is these ageing ” died cell. If can find the method of cleared ageing material, the mankind can postpone anile process greatly.

Human body is anile 10 big reasons

1. Chronic inflammation grows as the age, agnail of human body organ is increasing, be like arthritis. Of sicken is articulatory not merely, still valve of cerebral cell, arterial wall, heart waits. Straighten dead to mix apoplectic wait to also be concerned with inflammation.

2. A lot of natural ingredients that are with the person can cause gene mutation gene is choppy. Grow as the age, cellular “ handles ” mechanism more and more not the rule, cause thereby
Gene is malign degrade degenerative.

3. The “ of dried up cell supplies cellular energy the toxin of the vigor that the chemical material with certain need of body of bead of line of power station ”——— will come to to assure a cell and cleared cell. If this “ charges ” process is abate, disease of sex of decline of heart stalk, musculature, chronic fatigue, nerve can develop.

4. Millions upon millions cell in our body had hormone unbalance just about hormone, ability is accurate ground synchronism works. As consenescence, this kind of balance becomes irregular, cause all sorts of diseases thereby, include sclerosis of depressed disease, osteoporosis, coronary artery.

5. Calcification passes the special conduit in cellular film, cell of calcic ionic pass in and out. Body consenescence, the passageway of calcic ionic pass in and out is destroyed, bring about the calcium with the overmuch accumulation in valve of cerebral cell, heart, hemal wall.

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