You made bread of choose and buy what fault

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 In the supermarketfood is richer and richer, the consumer of food of choose and buy people more and more muddleheaded however. Facing the commodity of full goods shelves, dazzling, do not know how to choose. Let nowWeWill have a look, where is point of biscuit choose and buy. Compare, what common mistake did you make?

   Healthy value careful scrutiny

Biscuit always is very inviting it seems that, classification is more troublesome also. Press utility, can divide for ” of ” of biscuit of “ staple food and “ mug-up biscuit two kinds; Press simple sense, can divide for “ pine of ” of ” of soft plain bread, “ crackling biscuit, “ pledges biscuit ” and ”4 of “ horniness biscuit kind; Press raw material, can divide for white bread, whole wheat bread and biscuit of food grains other than wheat and rice 3 kinds.

From quantity of heat for, with minimum of cuticular and flat crackling biscuit quantity of heat, because this kind of biscuit is not sweet, contain candy, salt and oil very few, the skin after bake is fragile hard, take the advantage of heat to eat very goluptious. Biscuit of French staple food and Russian type “ ” belongs to Dalieba this kind, nutrient value and steamed bread cardinal principle are similar. Horniness biscuit and soft plain bread join the material such as egg, candy, milk, grease, the moisture content that just adds is different. ” of the “ toast ” that children like, “ butter biscuit and biscuit of mug-up of major design and color belong to soft plain bread. Soft qualitative sweet biscuit contains sugar about 15% , grease is made an appointment with 10% , toast is a few morer. But because added egg and powdered milk, nutrient value also somewhat heighten, suit baby edible.

  Avoid Danish biscuit as far as possible

The quantity of heat in biscuit is highest is loose plain bread, also call “ Denmark biscuit ” . Its characteristic is to should be joined 20% remove ghee ” to the butter of 30% or “ , can form special layer shape structure, often biscuit of make it ox horn, currant flat bag, chocolate crisp sack. Its mouthfeel is crisp sweet softness, very delicate, but because saturation is adipose,mix quantity of heat is really too much, and the likelihood contains very adverse to cardiovascular health “ to turn over ” of type fatty acid. Want to buy such loaf less as far as possible, best a week does not exceed.

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