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Gauze of shadow building marriage, formal attire will have wholeso

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Marriage gauze pats before Miss Zhao that marries in the National Day two days to illuminate in shadow building, whole body of feeling coming home is scratchy, still had a few little red a knot in one's heart, because of,classics examination is so marriage gauze be caused by. Gauze of the marriage in building of this kind of shadow, formal attire " wear only do not wash " the phenomenon ever let a lot of consumer have a headache. Was yesterday on section of photography of gauze of marriage of the 2nd Shanghai, city photography industry guild secretary-general Wei Pi explain disclose to the reporter, this problem will get settlement.

Wei Pi explain express, association already delivered the opinion about gauze of marriage of clean shadow building to Department of Commerce this year in May, of according to is the public wholesome standard that Ministry of Public Health issues. And Department of Commerce is in of formulate " photography employment service is normative " in, already included marriage gauze cleanness among them. This " standard " already completed the work that draft at present. Once promulgate, consumer can be complained accordingly.

Wei Pi explain express, a lot of companies pat marriage gauze to take fastigium collection deposit in the festival constant aberrance operation, collection consumer 50% even more deposit, deposit mentions expressly not to grant to return in the contract in formulate of company proper motion. Current, the association regulation according to national deposit law, already the demonstrative treaty wording with unified formulate, the deposit that sets company collection clearly must not exceed 20% of total cost, wei Pi explain express, if consumer encounters this kind of problem, but to photography industry guild is complained, association is via checking fact hind to will inspect this kind of contract invalid, let company sum refund.

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