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Reset of hopeful of marriage check system

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Undersecretary of Ministry of Public Health states our country is deciding marriage check is necessary project
Our newspaper reports integratedly From 2003 China the checkup before marriage by since compulsive instead is freewill, check of marriage of countrywide each district led the circumstance that drops generally to cause a lot of controversy. A lot of people are afraid, marriage check leads reduce the meeting is right the health of next generation causes adverse effect.
To this, heart of Wang Long of undersecretary of Chinese Ministry of Public Health disclosed on August 31, system of check of marriage of Chinese possible reset.
King Gansu heart is in mark world woman plenary session the 4th times 10 years say on conference of 10” of “ Beijing + , a lot of people think to whether accept the right that marriage check is an individual, but be not actually such, marry the circumstance meets bilateral health to cause an effect to the other side, affect next generation possibly still.
He expresses, chinese government is determining the necessary project in marriage check at present, the healthy circumstance that detect like AIDS virus or both sides of male and female should enquire to whether understand the other side before the regulation detects. “ (government) compare apt to do decision ” afresh.
The 7 branches such as population of committee of job of children of woman of Chinese the State Council, Ministry of Public Health, nation and family planning committee ever combined the special subject self-criticism that holds concerned marriage check to meet July. Zhao Shaohua of vice-chairman of countrywide the Women's Federation expresses, if go down for a long time continuously,marriage check leads the case that drops quickly, will healthy to family, society and Mu Ying, give stranger mouth quality to produce “ the influence of very serious ” . A lot of experts also express, marriage check should be executed compulsively, but this one system should be built go up in free foundation.
■ relevant news
Shanghai carries out free marriage check
According to Shanghai of Xinhua News Agency on September 1 report (reporter Ji Ming) rise from yesterday, all is in before the marriage such as examination of the medicine before Shanghai registers marrier to be able to enjoy completely free marriage health care serves.
Execute since October 1, 2003 " marriage registers byelaw " no longer will " the medicine before marriage checks a proof " the essential important condition that registers as marriage, the marriage check rate of Shanghai decreases the 3 % 2004 from the 98 % acute in the past for a time.
But after 6 areas roll out free marriage check, shanghai's current marriage check rate has restored 38 % .
Ministry of Public Health is denied encourage marriage check

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