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Match of competion area of Heilongjiang of contest of bridal compe

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Match of competion area of Heilongjiang of contest of the 2nd whole nation bridal compere rings down the curtain satisfactorily the wedding of the 2nd whole nation that Heilongjiang marriage celebrates last a period of time of formal network dispatch two days manages competition of competion area of person contest Heilongjiang at.

Contest of two days all is in nervous and orderly in undertake. Players are gotten each on contest stage coquettish 10 minutes, enthusiastic applause often rings on competition ground. Delectable but of congratulate is, this second contest emerge in large numbers gives compere of a batch of outstanding wedding of medium, youth, take part in the match player age shows type of a flight of stairs to carry on, five the biggest years old, the smallest only 20 years old, and those who show great master is wonderful however, the personalized wedding that has apparent individual color is chaired. From inside the talent show of players, can see I save the talent of players and elegant demeanour more.

Through contest commissioners' fair, just judge, the contest judges 9 players that gave player of player of 10 gold player, 15 silver medal, 11 bronze medal and 5 individual award finally. The Jie Yanping of the Liu Li of the Gu Shu that before 10 players are the Mao Lidong that comes from Yi Chun, beautiful Mu Si respectively, Yi Chun, Wu Chunmei's couple, Yi Chun, iron. Gainer of these 10 gold prizes will save the went to Beijing to enter contest of bridal compere of the 2nd whole nation June total final at next year on behalf of Heilongjiang.

When prize-giving celebration nears end, the course before a few game that contest organizing committee omits for me grooms strictly, the player of qualification of the achievement after assessment issued what celebrate industry committee to issue by marriage of Chinese work association " bridal compere hold certificate of job seniority grade " .

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