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Emcee fades gradually marriage celebrate the market

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Today, river of Harbin, Qiqihaer, peony, Daqing, Yi Chun provincial 42 players of each district city first contend contest of bridal compere of the 2nd whole nation, and will first acquisition that what celebrate industry committee to issue by countrywide marriage " bridal compere hold certificate of job seniority grade " . This indicates compere will attend a wedding henceforth marriage celebrate a service to want to obtain hold mount guard of the ability after job seniority card.

Those who occupy match of Heilongjiang competion area undertake unit -- , the staff member introduction that marriage of Chinese work association celebrates workstation of industry committee Heilongjiang, pass this match, the progress that shows my province marriage to celebrate an industry appears the elegant demeanour of shape and bridal compere team, stressed the ethical characteristic of bridal culture and times feeling. Take part in the match before the player will have competition, groom, exam of marriage common knowledge, wedding is chaired (segment) reveal, spot talent show. Eligible will celebrate industry committee to issue by countrywide marriage " bridal compere hold certificate of job seniority grade " .

According to introducing, take part in the match this 53 years old the player is the biggest, 20 the smallest years old, among them combination of husband and wife, net loves wedding to chair, the wedding of the setting sun, fireworks wedding wedding that provides individuation is chaired.

Current, haing city has 60 thousand pairs of new personality every year to register marry, wedding manages the market tremendous, but all the time since, the emcee pass away the sham as the genuine on bridal market, the benign development that directs the market to wedding brings terrible influence. Of system of bridal compere mount guard carry out, not be to say to do not have qualified attestation to cannot be chaired, the plan is bridal. Of mount guard card carry out still have a process, guild also won't execute one knife to cut. "Bridal emcee " one word also will fade gradually marriage celebrate the market, and by " compere " one word is replaced.

It is reported, bridal compere holds card mount guard, mandarin wants reach a standard above all, at present relevant section is in class of B of formulate wedding compere hold job seniority standard. The bridal compere that issues this hold cover of certificate of job seniority grade is blue, cent is class of class A, B and C class 3 level.

Additional all, begin from next year, the bridal organizer that covers suitably with bridal compere, photograph picture, make up, division of flower art modelling also will implement system of mount guard card.

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