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The expert raises action: Bridal photography 7 big trap

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When a lot of new personality are beginning photography of arrange with wedding, cameraman, video to wedding concept is very vague, if have a few,at that time the friend's commendation is mixed opinion, can let you lock up calm target quickly. The bridal scene that did not overlook lifetime cannot have come afresh, the photography cameraman that if confronted a technology,low, service differs, the regret that may stay all one's life!

Become you so pitch on a few companies in memory (atelier) when, be about to be compared one time well, see which ability ask accord with his, the following principle can regard a choice as the reference of bridal photography and cameraman, make everybody OK avoid to drop into trap, change unpleasant experience finally, at the same time a few hint heart to heart, can let you film technological process is more successful.

  Trap one: Luxuriant actual strength differs decorate

 Answer way: Do not see appearance see actual strength

Choose bridal photography to photograph cannot pay attention to appearance merely like the company, should see it have without fixed major video from personnel of course of study. The company with air of one gate area, top-ranking decorate may have worst cake from personnel of course of study, do not have at all even. (After they accept the order, with low subcontract gives other company, in order to earn price difference. ) because this cannot be a phone merely,seek advice, before the label is only, must see the DVD that films for other people of a new type before the company and picture, more can recognize photography photographs the ability that resemble and makes a company. Should particularly advertent is their shooting angle appropriate? Miss vital scene? Take the issue that produces to the side of a few new personality? If do not have finished product to be able to make reference, do not leave a decision at will.

Trap 2: Video from the good and bad are intermingled of level of staff of course of study

Answer way: Know the professional quality of photography cameraman

Present wedding is video from the good and bad are intermingled of level of staff of course of study, have a plenty of spare level to hitting the professional banner, staff member that has a plenty of a TV station to not be familiar with wedding. In understanding photography is photographed when resembling staff technology actual strength, do not listen to him to say to had filmed only how many pairs of new personality, had won how many award, and the bridal photography that should enquire him how to had done you to bridal understanding and plan is photographed like the job, will examine with this he whether;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to wedding films. Because wedding cannot have come afresh, so the professional morality of photography cameraman is mixed the spirit that respect property is very important. In professional level field, an outstanding photography cameraman is simple record only not just, return what ought to have acumen to have an insight into accurate eye and ability of ability, fast meet an emergency, can guide in time according to spot circumstance and help newlywed person, remove the difficulty that films be encountered in the job and issue independently at any time and place.
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