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Smart wedding market "gone" a lot of new people that only careful planning

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Into the Lunar New Year in October has ushered in wedding season, wedding led hotel, photo studio, gold line and other consumer markets. In the smart district, subject to price fluctuations, the impact of such costs, the wedding market "gone", a lot of new people that only careful planning planning a wedding. Yesterday (29) morning, this reporter visited the major hotels Gaoming learned, recently, the wedding book on fire. Cangjiang Road in a restaurant, manager Wu Qiulan, at present, wedding order is sign next March, a total of nearly 100 married couples give a feast, the number of flat last year, but prices have risen to, weddings per table ranging from the 438 to 1188 yuan. The wedding photo studio in a civilized way, the reporter saw, ready to take pictures and advice, new appointment after another. Miss Lo said the clerk, now is their busiest time. In addition, new jewelry in terms of the forthcoming marriage is essential. Wenchang Road, a goldsmith charge Lai told reporters that although the price of gold per gram higher than the same period last year by about 30%, but there is still a lot of new people come to buy gold jewelry. With raw material prices and other factors, weddings, floats, and other wedding rental wedding industry soared to a number of young people planning a wedding is a lot of added pressure. With his girlfriend in December for the marriage of Mr. Lee said marriage in order not to exceed the budget, each link must plan carefully.
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