Manual of honeymoon journey appreciation

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HoneymoonDeep justice

That is person of the same trade of romance of the first time after two individual marriage, landscape is for card, wind and cloud by. A lot of precious and unforgettable memory in life are inJourneyMedium happening. Two people already already lifetime of become attached to, to the program of collective journey, should rely on love and understanding to go wonderful finish.

Perhaps interact before marriage level, both of you already had the experience of collective go on a journey countless times, but any swim together, any place not as good as newly-married honeymoon comes cover is sufficiently precious, newlywed enjoys newly-married to live together in the romantic emotional appeal that in the scenery picturesque, landscape is like a poem, deep in travel road also experience gives aid to each other, the marital meaning of each other coordinate.

Honeymoon condition

On travel means, for unrestrained to liking new personality, bound of two the world does not suffer budget traveling interference is first-rate choice, so OK more enjoy honeymoon interest. Can choose self-help form, or the travel that is half self-help, the free meaning that enjoys two people truly lives, this is used in domestic journey mostly; But go abroad to first time, or the new personality of holiday of not good at arrangement, the various journey of travel agent full of beautiful things in eyes, can choose to the top of one's bent for both of you. If join round trip, must have the psychological preparation that gets used to an organization, ego is adjusted, study obtains fun from inside the group. Need not too constrained, bashful, might as well greatly square square ground is affectionate, accept the blessing of the organization.

Honeymoon circuitry

Choice honeymoon place should depend on accident of two people vacation, seasonal climate decides the place that head for. The place that suits honeymoon is best with the recreational, tourist attraction that has natural view advisable. If vacation is short, best nearby chooses domestic tourist attraction, if holiday is long, might as well go to southeast Asia, Europe waiting, let both sides roam at exotic romantic amorous feelings in, raise each other strong feeling sweet idea.

Wedding day plans

Make a consideration to the accident of itinerary time, use the site that marriage holiday collocation likes, want to play more to be inferior to playing opportunely. The day number that general honeymoon goes is controlled in 7 days, it is relatively ideal. Because can avoid journey overworked, bad sweet atmosphere. Additional, those who take vehicle is different, also can affect the accident of your holiday. Domestic honeymoon Ying Yifei machine, train is advisable, the wasteful time on cut journey, foreign honeymoon, the flight time of the plane with 7 hours in the most appropriate, ability can enjoy complete period of leave adequately. Honeymoon journey time does not discharge holiday full, the cushion that obligate gives 2-3 day period, adjust good mood to go to work again.

Honeymoon itinerary reachs the choice of the place, want to fit two people's common fancy.

If cell is shorter (4-8 day) , every make an appointment with 20 thousand yuan to the budget, can choose to provide go vacationing insularity amorous feelings of the gender, for example and other places of Pu Jidao, Hawaiian, Maldives.

If holiday is abundant (1-2 week) , every make an appointment with 4-7 to the budget 10 thousand yuan, can admire a Shan Lishui to the mainland country, enjoy exotic amorous feelings to the top of one's bent.

If time is as long as half month (12-24 day) , the budget is more, every are controlled 10 thousand yuan to 8-15, the site that selects of course is more, the proposal can try romantic and rich Europe holiday, roam in humanitarian assemble, the Europe land country that art collects.

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