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National Day grows “ this year the holiday has a holiday time is adjusted ended on October 5, can my wedding was on October 6 do how? ”9 month midday of 3 days of skies, after be informed this message, ms. Huang that in Urumqi Zhongshan road company of a network goes to work says disconsolately.

According to the arrangement of the State Council, the National Day has a holiday this year time is: —10 had a holiday 5 days month on September 29, in all 7 days. Among them, on September 27 (on Saturday) , on September 28 (Sunday) day of two general holidays is moved to on September 29, 30 days, on October 4 (on Saturday) , 5 days (Sunday) as usual general holidays.

This kind of change, have a holiday to pressing National Day of in former years for the citizen of timeline activity, brought many troubles. With Ms. Huang, new personality Chen Gang is strong since after be informed this message in the morning yesterday, so busy that cannot leave hand in, reach family with fiancee urgent hold domestic meeting, discuss to change the job of wedding day. Chen Gang is strong express, he overlooks the State Council all the time early allot an announcement, should adjust have a holiday time, hotel, marriage celebrates company, formal attire to book, this a series of change the date works, make him extremely bustling.

Preparation 11 during go accept of noise made in coughing or vomiting this the Wang Na of travel is very disconsolate also, she went to 6 October 4 surely formerly accept of noise made in coughing or vomiting this travel, holiday change forces her to abandon a travel, she complains travel agent did not remind her at the same time, cancelled to give a plan at the same time.

The reporter covered public house of metropolis much home and travel agent, the staff member is mirrorred generally, the change of holiday brings a trouble to the guest really, but the person that is informed this one message is not much, the citizen that asks to change marriage banquet and journey is opposite less.

The reporter investigates discovery, a lot of citizens know “ only 51 ” holiday shortened, did not notice 11 ” of “ grow a holiday to have a holiday time shifts to an earlier date, more do not know the end of the year already allotted general office of the State Council to have a holiday last year announcement.

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