Newlywed travel marries what should notice

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Travel marriage, not only save worry, save trouble, return knowledge of can open eye shot, growth. But during transit, newlywed is even special the problem under the attention.

Above all, should do according to one's abilities. When the line that fixes travel marriage, besides mature outside oneself economic capacity, more important is the environment of the physical power that wants him consideration and travel ground. For lesser to vivid at ordinary times momentum couple, suit to choose the travel route that gives priority to with lying fallow. And a few have make a difficult journey, drive the line that takes journey, often physical strength is used up bigger, comfortable formfitting system is strong, live the couple with bigger momentum. Wait for travel tourist attraction like Tibet, opposite to the requirement of passenger physical strength taller, the couple answers choice of estimate one's abilities.

Next, should notice sanitation, avoid to be pregnant. Have the room of some of low class, wholesome condition often very poor, have even by the danger of infection disease, do not want covet petty gain when travel marriage commonly and choose poorer living environment. The expert thinks, in travel road as a result of overworked, insecurity, rest bad, be pregnant right now adverse and prepotent. So, optimal conception is after 3 months after proposal marriage period.

Again, travel marriage notices body health care even. When human body is excessive and fatigue immune ability can drop, all sorts of diseases such as the cold get a change to step in easily. So, the couple of travel marriage should notice to carry a few commonly used drug, if treat the drug such as cold, diarrhoea, scar.

Finally, travel marriage often can throw into confusion at ordinary times life rule, environmental unrest, dietary daily life is wrong, bridegroom bride is unfavorable add to the fun borrowing wine, unfavorable also be hungry is full not all; Both sides should show consideration for each other more in travel road, mutual care, do not be bagatelle mump, influence mood.

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