The 10 big public houses with the most romantic whole world

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Hotel of ”——CayoEs-panto of exquisite feelings of “ Gu island: The capital Belize that it stands by Honduras city, be located on an isle, it is a single isolated house, after renown guest comes into occupy, every have two clerks serve technically, cannot see other visitors basically, the environment is very secret.
Big public house thises in ”—— of city of “ Paris cate: If you feel to capture the heart of a person, be about to capture him above all (she) stomach, that comes here. This hotel gathered together one class large kitchen of Paris, they are cooking the cate with highest grade Paris.
The hotel of romantic and villatic ”——Gallici of the kiss of “ French: It is located in Aix-en province of France, have tremendous hind garden, my day of old cypress block day. This hotel has 22 rooms only, every room undertakes designing for the theme with a kind of color.
Hotel of ”——LeSirenuse of “ Italy palace: It is located in li of dimension dust to draw a district, before ever is the summertime make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of a royalty, it is the place of distinguished personages and assemble of member of royalty of European each country at present. Here is close to mediterranean, drive travel goes for a spin on seaside highway, the sense is good cannot again marvellous.
Hotel of ”——Bauer of amorous feelings of “ water city: It is located in Venice of ” of “ water city, only then built 1880. Stay in room of a balconied here best, can the isle with dotted general view and freely stagger aqueduct. The hotel costs millions dollar overhaul recently anew.
Hotel of ”——SonevaGili of “ world heaven: Maldives is an island country that has a 1000 many isles, the guest room design of this hotel has grumous local amorous feelings, it is a water that contains careless housetop go up small attic, just be like dotted islands.
Of “ billionaire old curtilage ”——Point is villatic: Here ever was the residence that billionaire Luo Kefei straps, be located on a lakelet of new York. This villa can admit 22 visitors only at most, and the privacy that pays attention to protective guest most.
Ervine of ”—— of “ days channel is villatic (TheInnatIrvingPlace) : Stand by the Gramercy park of new York, have 12 guest room only, highlight the decorate of archaize, there are sweet fireplace and old typewriter inside, let you as if return last centuries first.