Honeymoon " green " viatic new idea

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1: The extensive concept that green honey travels.

On traditional sense, we think two people knapsack is become asinine friend is green honeymoon journey. Actual either, environmental protection journey can contain the content of a lot of means, include to arise to the environment for instance as far as possible little negative effect, inferior specific power consumption, and the esteem to local dweller culture and life. And if draw range big, accessible green honeymoon journey can have a lot of kinds of forms.

2: Green organization.

We encourage honeymoon trip of green, also hope new people is deciding to undertake green honeymoon travels truly of course from time to tome a more correct guidance, COSMO BRIDE recommends authoritative green travel to organize to new people.

Better World Club: Better World Club is the world on exclusive an initiative friendly environment talks an organization, if you decide to use a bicycle to perhaps hike in destination, they will provide a lot of helps to traveler.

Green Travelhbu By In this website, you can search restaurant of any a green and book, after and undertake in you be being booked, the website will give green environmental protection to organize partial income subscription, if you chose them,can say, virtually also became the charity of an environmental protection.

International can travel continuously orgnaization: Provide the data of a few destination that zoology travels, the beach of go green environmental protection that includes you and sweetheart hope or the destination with green travel the rightest kind.

The Rainforest Alliance of international selva alliance: Narrow one's eyes of numerous B of antrum of border of large of  of road of astounded of rapid of  of Quan of  of dredge of Piao of Xing of narrow one's eyes of numerous B of solid act of  of shallow > of crab of pilfer of Huang of ┮ of Mao of  of  of dead Zheng of  of Su Sun Juan sincering feeling fetterses  of graceful Lu persuading  knocks Ci to n/HON be unworthy of the honor  of Hua of source of dispatch Huan tip
3: Green restaurant.

A friendly environment can affect everything all round to include a person. And a good green restaurant is to should offer the following goods: The towel that second birth the sources of energy makes and paper towel; Restaurant support uses clean the sources of energy; Use energy-saving light source; Decrease offer soap, plastic products to give a visitor; Provide low flow bathing water but managing …… of 50% the sources of energy still has a lot of, the website that can offer above reference undertakes inquiring.

4: Green car is rented.

Although you choose of 2 person selected hires a car to drive a journey oneself, also can choose hire biology fuel tall perhaps energy-saving excuse the car that is fuel.

5: The gas inside green house.

The certain gas in air can admit a few taste, and the environmental protection effect that can allow green room so is more distinct, water vapour, carbon dioxide is the effective gas of green building.

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