Go Korea is too different mid-autumn honeymoon

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Not more not fewer also, want just in time only! When azure 10 thousand lis, when aspersing gold fall, earth of the land of country changes autumn new clothes, receive jointly mid-autumn the arrival of festival honeymoon.
When summer multifarious and Bacchic gradually expunction when, like the Chinese, one of great red-letter days that Korea people also received them —— the Mid-autumn Festival. During this, go the city atmosphere that the tourists of Korea can experience what differ with ferial and flourishing, Bacchic metropolitan place is quiet, disengaged, this can say is experience Korea of distinctive culture absolutely the main chance. Before this, let us understand Korea together first the meaning mid-autumn.

Girl people put on gorgeous traditional dress, play an old gangplank game

■ genetic

The Spring Festival, dragon boat festival and the Mid-autumn Festival are the day of 3 political integrity with the most important Korea. The Mid-autumn Festival also cries in Korea August section, because be the traditional Chinese calendar August in the middle of this day. A long time ago, farming the Korea of agrarian society, in this one period, with autumn harvest and strong happy Xiang Zuxian people expressive gratitude, be celebrated together with the people all round and share, the meaning that this is mid-autumn. Begin those who come down to circulate from ancient time in the belief about the moon, what can find the Mid-autumn Festival is genetic. To the sun is beamed and worldly by day, people feels already of course, but the annual month mid-autumn, enlighten inky night, this more let people feel to touch with joyance. So, on August 15 this day, people happilies gather under the same roof, will celebrate with cate and singing and dancing, regard a nation as it at this point weigh political integrity day and circulate up to now. In addition, just meet mid-autumn the crown of the year, also be Korea season of climatic not cold lukewarm, plus the big bumper harvest of fruit and grain cereal, at this point, korea also produced “ not to want more not fewer also, want the common adage of ” of as it happens only.

■ custom- - cut down grass and province grave

People goes the Mid-autumn Festival the action that sweeps ancestral grave calls a province the grave, the behavior of the fireweed of eliminate summer exuberance calls cut down grass. This is the expression that uses up filial piety, also be children people responsibility. Begin of a month on the weekend every week from the section, korea each main traffic thoroughfare has been poll emerges, because everybody is used,time goes cut down grass and province grave to ancestral grave ahead of schedule on the weekend.